Saturday, February 13, 2010

Browse The Internet For FREE with Your Multilinks modem - Even when your subscription is expired!

Yes, what you read on the heading is true. For the first time ever, the secret for browsing free with your multilinks modem is being revealed.

You can surf the web for FREE right now with your multilinks modem. If you are tired of all the monthly bills and the data bundle limitations then here is the solution for you. After you are done with this page, you will discover that you have been missing out all this while!

Why pay for internet subscription when you can get it for free. Here is an opportunity for:

- Beginning online marketers
- FOREX traders
- Online business owners
- Those who play games online.
- Those who gamble online
- Online betters

Unbelievable right? But its true. Ever since I discovered this secret, I have never paid a dime for multilinks subscription again. You can also start doing the same. Download your copy of the 'Multilinks Free' tutorial today! I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I personally use to do all my work. Since then, my profits have been over the roof! I no longer need to pay for my internet connection. This leaves me enough money to invest into my affiliate business. If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to get this manual. If you do not have a Multilinks modem, hurry and get one now so you can start browsing with it for FREE!

I had a hard time placing a price on this product. One of the reasons for this being that this is the first time this product is coming into the market and I would not want to under-price or over-price it. I equally do not want to extort money from you but this is one package I simply cannot give for FREE. I don't want this method to become too widely spread. I also don't want it getting into the wrong hands (you know what I mean)! I only want serious people who have or want to buy a multilinks modem to get this product. I concluded that I was going to sell this product for N 5,500 considering the fact that you can continue browsing with your multilinks modem 24/7 without paying a dime! Keep reading and you can get it for less than this! This is far better, faster and more reliable than those 'Free Browsing Tricks' that you buy and then they stop working the following week!

With this product, you get to browse anywhere and anytime you like for FREE. You do not pay any monthly charges and are not restricted by limited bandwidth. This service is a bit faster than the usual multilinks modem connection. This is REALLY FAST knowing that the normal multilinks speed is 3.1mb/s! For those who already have a multilinks modem, you must have noticed this. And I've been using this for almost a year now so you know it's not something that will expire soon.

You are very lucky viewing this page right now. This is because I am offering you a 75% Discount on this amazing product. From now till 25th february 2010, you can purchase this incredible product for N 5,500 ------ N 3,500. Yeah, you get the package for just N 3,500! There are only 30 copies of this discounted package available. When 30 copies have been purchased, the price will return to N 5,500. You need to act NOW!

Get it now afterall, N3,500 is not up to the amount you will pay for 2 months subscription!

This incredible offer was to expire by 20th April, 2010. But because of some emails I got from people who are interested in the product. They asked me to extend the offer till when they have enough money to purchase it. I have decided to extend the offer till 5th
May,2010. After this, I will no longer extend the offer as more than 30 people have already gotten the package.

- Note that this offer will expire by midnight on 25th July,2010. After this date, the price will go back to
N 5,500! Get yours now while the offer lasts!

Purchase this package today and get these bonuses for FREE!

- Step by step tutorial on how to get a FREE MasterCard in Nigeria to verify your PayPal account and shop online

- FREE eBook on how to make money on Facebook.

What you need to do:

Pay the sum of N 3,500 to the following account:

Account name - Guaranteed success International
Account number - 216797680120
Bank - GT Bank plc.

If you prefer to use Liberty reserve, Pay $23
into the following account:


If you prefer PayPal, or credit card, click the button below and your transactions will all be handled by PayPal. Your credit card details are safe and will not be shared. You can also use a MasterCard Debit card.

After you make you payment, send an email with the topic 'payment made' to or send a text message to 2347087112151 for faster processing. In the email or message, include the following details:

- Your name
- Teller number (if you paid into the bank account)
- Your liberty reserve account number (if you paid through Liberty reserve)
- Your PayPal ID (if you paid through PayPal).
- Product paid for ( which is 'multilinks free')

You will receive your package by mail in pdf format in 24 hours or less!

For those who will pay through Credit or Debit card, you will immediately be redirected to the pdf document page within seconds of completing your payment.

Enjoy your FREE browsing!

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